Our Story

Back in 1981 we opened our first office in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, developing software and training programs for state agencies. We worked on Apple II computers (remember those?), and some RadioShack machines, too. Our customers liked how our software made their jobs easier. Over the next 25 years the company grew, we moved to the South Puget Sound area. We continued to grow.

We reached a tipping point in 2008. Owners Rick and Lisa Gifford had sprinted hard to keep pace with the demands of the growing business. As sales increased, the hours required to manage operations and finances and employees became more and more demanding. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Rick and Lisa faced a crisis of management -- focus on the customer or focus on operations?

Reality sank in that there simply wasn’t enough hours in the day to work any harder. Lisa was sacrificing what she really loved: the face-to-face time with customers where she provided them great solutions. Rick was getting pulled from his true calling: to create awesome computer programs that made a positive difference in people’s lives.

We decided to bring in a CEO. Chris Pieper, who had already successfully started, grew and sold a tech company of his own. Chris was hired in September 2008. Chris had a similar experience as Rick and Lisa when his past company grew to a size where he felt like he was losing control. At that point he realized he couldn’t do everything, so he worked to develop teams he could trust to grow the business.

Chris used a performance management program to get everyone at his company on the same page. He set the overall goals and his teams developed objectives that supported his vision. This would become MyObjectives, our company’s software program that uniquely combines traditional management strategies and gaming aspects (real-time scorecards and rewards) into a platform that drives up employee engagement and delivers remarkable business results.

Alliance Enterprises began using MyObjectives, and what a difference it made. With teams aligned and engaged, we quadrupled sales revenue in the past 8 years. We also grew from 30 to 100 employees. Our company now serves 12,000 state workers at 37 state agencies and 25 tribal nations with its flagship software program, Aware.

In 2015, Alliance brought MyObjectives to market. We wanted to share the great results. We’re rapidly expanding our customer base, and many of our customers are experiencing the same kind of results that Chris discovered when he put the program in place at his previous company and that Rick and Lisa are benefiting from now.

In 2016 things really took off. We made the Inc. 5000, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. Microsoft recognized us as their Rising Star partner of the year for growing our cloud business 1,000% in one year. And MyObjectives went international with European customers coming onboard.

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Employee Quotes

“MyObjectives provides a common way of documenting our objectives and tying them to goals and tracking them throughout the quarter.”

Lisa Gifford | Board Member and Director, Corporate Strategy, Alliance Enterprises

Employee Quotes

“MyObjectives allows me to achieve objectives that are important to the company, while opening up friendly competition between other teams.”

Craig Keating | Professional Services Manager, Alliance Enterprises

Employee Quotes

“Seeing our scorecard go up is really exciting. We rally together as a team and monitor how our team is doing compared to other teams. It’s fun to see when we’re in the lead and when we’re not in the lead it inspires us to work harder.”

Amanda Pieper | Marketing Analyst, Alliance Enterprises

Employee Quotes

“MyObjectives provides transparency, so I feel that my work is an important piece contributing toward the company goals.”

Sandra Berger | Accounting Manager, Alliance Enterprises

Employee Quotes

“It improved my work experience making objectives visual to me. It’s easy for me to see what’s expected of me. I know where I am, I know what needs to be done, and I can relax knowing where I need to go.”

Nate Naismith | Technical Writer, Alliance Enterprises

Employee Quotes

“Having spent many years coaching youth soccer, I have a passion for the game and coaching. MyObjectives combines the gaming and coaching elements into a fun way to engage teams and to help our organization win.”

Sven Akerman Jr. | Chief Technology Officer, Alliance Enterprises

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