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Imagine a world where you watch motivated teams achieve your business goals in real time.
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Engaged Teams are More Successful

See Progress Clearly

Easily measure performance without getting lost in the math. The degree of completion is reported in layman’s terms that are definitive and understandable to all.

Keep Sharp Focus on Results

Measuring and scoring progress on objectives keeps teams engaged, aligned and focused. Real-time scores communicate the team’s progress within the organization, among stakeholders and to leadership.

Eliminate Surprises Visually

MyObjectives eliminates surprises by visually communicating each team’s expected score for the game period. This forecast score, in addition to the real-time score, gives stakeholders a realistic view of work expected to be completed during the game.

Unlimited Members, Maximum Engagement and No Throttled Results.

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Don’t believe us? Here’s the Proof

Studies, consultants, businesses. They all validate the approach and effect of MyObjectives. Dig into it right here.

What is Management By Gaming?

by Amanda and Chris Pieper
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Stimulate Happy Brain Chemicals at Work

by Loretta Bruening
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The Economic Payback of Engaged Employees

by Alliance Enterprises
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