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Drive and commitment have carried your business this far. What’s holding you back now should be but a footnote in your company’s history.
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Developing Teams You Trust to Grow Your Business.

Learn by doing, with MyObjectives, becomes trust through doing. Together, with focus, and fun: Your passion, our approach. The future is bright.

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Trust is easier when goals, objectives and expected results are clearly defined.

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Engaged employees are involved, enthusiastic, and committed to their work.

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Teams with high engagement have a 21% increase in productivity.

“I can’t say enough about how great our experience has been working with Alliance, from set-up and support of the software to assistance and coaching for identifying our goals and objectives.  I highly recommend the MyObjectives software and Alliance Enterprises!”
Jamie Stover | General Manager , Ziemek Laboratories

“Per user” Pricing is a Thing of the Past

MyObjectives recognizes the power of the team.
One low price for each team, not per user.
Unlimited members, maximum engagement and no throttled results.
Why Pick MyObjectives?

Businesses start small. Teams do too. Business grows when the teams succeed. Develop your teams, and your business, with a tool designed expressly for goal achievement by teams.

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