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Supercharging Business 2017

A group of management consultants gathered at our New York workshop last month, hungry to learn and discuss new methods for accelerating growth and ensuring sustainable progress in the New Year. They left with game-changing ideas and tangible tools that will drive resolute growth at their clients’ businesses.

Management and strategy consultant coach, Brett Knowles, shared knowledge he’s gained over decades in the industry, advising business leaders at Apple, Facebook, Google and a slew of other Fortune 500 companies. Brett blended a potent mix of proven management techniques, such as the Balanced Scorecard and Management by Objectives, with modern approaches like Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and gamification.

The sauce invigorated attendees, giving them a new and effective way to recharge growth conversations and activities with their clients. Like the software we’ve created, we’re in favor of eradicating the feelings of “dull” and “boring” from business operations and for employees to be engaged.

“The workshop was a rare opportunity to be surrounded by practice originators, innovators, and pioneers, with decades of practical insight into performance measurement and how to help companies be great,” said participant James McPherson, who runs a consultancy in North Carolina. “The coolest part is that the knowledge and insights discussed during the session is built right into the software solution. It’s actionable!”

Indeed, a key ingredient in Brett’s recipe for Resolute Growth is a software solution called MyObjectives, built by Alliance Enterprises. The solution aligns all employees across an organization engaging everyone from top execs to frontline employees on the things that matter most. The software’s real-time scorecards and dashboards assure role clarity, transparency, and ongoing rewards make work fun for everyone.

“I think MyObjectives functions as a great way to engage employees,” said Jack Benson, lead consultant at Performance Partners, headquartered in Indiana. “As consultants we can help improve our clients’ processes and implement a change management program but without a true culture change many of the changes may not stick. MyObjectives promotes and advances the kind of organizational change of heart necessary for true change, and it can be used to sustain success.”

Larry Maisel, President of DecisionVu Group, has a decades-long history of advising companies on best practices to increase business performance. Measurements and data matter little to the leaders and the workforce if they’re not easy to rally around.

“Although some amount of performance reporting can be done by means of summarized reports, and so on—that’s just rudimentary,” said Maisel, whose consulting firm is in New York. “The ultimate value of data will only become evident if the people who know how to think about the data can access it easily in a format that incents teams to perform effectively.”

Many workshop participants appreciated the “in the trenches” stories Brett brought to the table, key growth moments he’d experienced with business legends.

“I was thrilled to work with this group of advisors who sincerely want to help organizations engage their employees and help leaders improve business performance,” Brett said. “So many great ideas were exchanged and I look forward to collaborating more with them in the future.”

Check back on our Resolute Growth site for future dates and times.

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