Earn Awards and Achievements

MyObjectives awards badges to players as milestones are met or thresholds crossed. Find your list of potential awards and achievements, and how to get them.

Track Progress Towards Goals

Get a view of the big picture: see how progress on your objectives affects company goals. This key information is in the Scorecard Goal Alignment report.

Compare Progress Across Teams

Comparing progress across “peer” scorecards gauges the success of your team vs. others in the organization. Learn how to navigate and understand the team comparison screens.

Update Objectives Progress

Updating progress is essential to keeping track of how well your team is doing. We explain how to properly update progress of Actual vs. Forecast scores.

Add Tasks and a Status

A task is a “to-do” item establishing progress towards the completion of an objective. A status aides in describing any progress, risk, or alerts related to objectives. Learn how to create a task and status update.